Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week two

My first week of Starting Over is finished and I actually lost 5 pounds!! Shows you how much I was eating before, and I KNOW what I was indulging in.

My nurse at Northwest Weight Loss Surgery gave me a site to follow for support, and I thought I would share it with you. It has EVERYTHING you could possibly need. Diet options, a Weight Loss Cafe, and even a short, inspirational e-mail once a week to help you keep on track. It's Weight Loss Joy with Linda Spangle.

NWWLS has a forum that I used to follow, but it got so old and redundant. Always the same thing with the same self important achievers answering the questions. Drove me nuts. I think this site will really be helpful.

I found the journal I started when I had my Lap Band surgery, and kept until I'd lost 50 pounds. I can see when the gall bladder disease started by looking back. I was sick ALOT, but was always attributing it to the Band. So I let a serious condition become an emergency without knowing. Wow. What an insight.

Here's to a successful week.

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  1. Weight Loss Joy looks like a good site. Thanks for sharing it...and congrats on your loss so far!