Saturday, November 7, 2009


It seems water is the secret to all successful weight loss. I try to drink at least two 24oz. bottles of water a day, and add to that the various glasses I drink, I think I'm doing pretty well. What really bugs me is when you lose some weight and someone says "That's just water weight".
So? And your point is? Even the doctors say this. Well let me tell you something about water weight. It's enough to make your clothes feel tighter. It's enough to make your feet and ankles swell. So, if I lose three pounds of water weight, I feel pretty darn good! And on the scale, it says I've lost 3 pounds, and that is an achievement! Right? Of Course!
So, I've already lost 2 pounds of water weight, and I'm very happy and inspired to continue in this direction. I know, they say you should only weigh yourself once a week, but I am more successful when I weigh myself each morning. Makes me more determined.

So let's hear it for the Water!

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  1. I hardly drink water (or anything), so I think it would help me to try to do this. Good for you.....and now you have inspired me. (Off to get a big thing of water to work on drinking this a.m.)