Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Starting Over

Two years ago, I had Lap Band Surgery for weight loss. Having battled the bulge for so many years, I finally reached the point where I was miserable, my feet hurt all the time, and I couldn't perform my daily chores with ease. I was also very concerned about my health.

Lap Band surgery is not an easy fix, and I have had a very difficult time with this. I initially lost 60 pounds, and then came to a screaching halt. Then I developed Gall Bladder disease and had surgery for that. My entire body went through a change after that, and I was soon not able to keep any food down. When you can't keep solids down, you tend to eat more soft foods, which add up in calories. So, the pounds started piling on again.

I went in to have 1.5ccs of fluid drained from my band in mid September. It took about a week to heal. Then I was going to Peru, and didn't want to end up in trouble there, so I didn't get my band refilled. Today I got a fill of 1cc, which I'm told puts me to a typical fill for the type of band I have. So today I resolve to start over with my weight loss efforts. If I post to this blog once a week, I'd better have progress to report. I had two nurses see me today, and they told me the Gall Bladder disease probably prevented me from being as successful with my weight loss as I could have been. They said that they hear of my experiences happening quite frequently with Gall Bladder surgery. So, I am optimistic, and determined.

My blog is called "The Glow is Back" because that is what my husband told everyone when I lost my first 25 pounds. It was very true.

Join me if you wish, being a lapbander or not, you are welcome.


  1. Yes ma'am...I am on a journey as well.
    Not same as you but have a health issue that makes it hard for me to move as I need to.
    Hence a 'chat' with Doc and less calorie in take for less movement.
    She also says first week is tough but body will adjust and I won't be as hungry feeling!
    Lord I hope so...water and green tea 'snacks' make for trips to the ladies room...haha!
    Now you know how my DH loves to cook and bake!!

  2. Well, Linda, here I am too. I'm a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers, but the last three years I've "Watched" it go up.... about 50-55 lb; heavier now than ever. My feet hurt, too, & I'll probably have to give up my part-time job at Barnes & Noble because of it. But this week I've had my annual mammo, my semi-annual dentist appointment, and on Friday is my annual physical and visit with my doctor. All the labwork was done a month ago and I expect he'll read me the riot act about my weight. At least, I hope he does!! I plan to start back on WW. When I lose 15-20 lb., I'll resume my Curves workouts. Depending on where DD (dear doctor) sets my goal, I'm looking at needing to lose 60-70 lb - probably over the next year. Starting before the Holidays? I may not lose like crazy, but it's a sure bet that losing anything, or even maintaining, is better than NOT starting. And I'm calling it a lifestyle change..... So, I'm in. Meet you back here in a week! Hugs, Cathy

  3. Good luck with the weight loss. Drinking plenty of water is so important. My nanna got gallstones years ago and had to have a kidney removed because the gall stones were so big. Lots of fluids ca prevent that :)