Friday, January 1, 2010

We will open the book.Its pages are blank.We are going to put words on them ourselves.The book is called Opportunityand its first chapter is... New Year's Day.~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I copied this quote from Notforgotten Farms Blog today. It really hit me. I have to quit being so hard on myself, because that is what makes me do the emotional eating. The slate is clean and it's time to move on.

Yesterday I succeeded in drinking my 64 ounces of water. Hey, that sounds like alot more than 8 glasses of water, doesn't it? I fill 4 16 ounce bottles with water and line them up. They have to be empty by bedtime.

No parties to struggle through today. Just taking down all the Christmas decorations should keep me busy!!!


  1. I have never been one to consume a lot of liquids but I am trying harder. I don't know, though, if I can get myself up to 64 ozs. a day anytime soon. I think I need to start with a smaller goal on that, too. *sigh*

  2. I would spend alot of time visitng the bathroom, if I drank all that water!! I should drink more tho!!! Good luck!!!